Monday, August 2, 2010

Can Your God Do That?

I was speaking with a co-worker yesterday concerning her brother's ashes. While I see nothing wrong with cremation, I do know many Christians that do. Her family in particular.

"A" described her family as "religious". Personally, I despise this term. I have found that anyone that uses that term to describe another either: A) is talking about someone that is legalistic or B) has no idea what a true relationship with God is all about. But I digress.

A's family has decided that they do not want to share her brother's ashes amongst themselves as was originally decided. Now they want them thrown in the ocean. Since she lives in North Mississippi, this is no small feat. The logic behind this decision change is truly mind boggling. Apparently, they feel that God will not be able to gather all his ashes up if they are distributed amongst family members. The question my friend asked her mom was how was God going to get all those fish together that would wind up eating her brother's ashes. Needless to say, her mom had no answer for that one.

While this story is humorous in a strange way, it does make me stop and think about my own restrictions. I seem to want God in a bottle and when I need Him, I pop the cork and out He jumps. We have our little conversation and then I put Him back. When I look at my relationship with God, I find that I am far worse than a fair weather friend. I am a user and abuser. I only want to talk with God when it suits me, when it fits in my schedule, when I need Him. While I am always striving to be a better person to those around me, I seriously neglect my most important relationship.

So the goal is always out of reach. While I could blame this on many things, the truth is I am the one that is at fault. So once again I have climbed back onto this hamster wheel and am struggling to jump off.


  1. Greg said...
    I plan on cremation for myself
    Tracy said...
    Sometimes I've been a user and abuser too.

    Actually my husband John & I both plan on cremation. We found a foundation where we can dedicate the "useful" parts of our bodies to science & they'll create the rest and send it back to the survivor(s).
    Edwin said...
    nice story ...have any more of these please don't stash!!!

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