Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Final Paperwork

Today my mother came for a visit. I thought that this would be one of those sit around the table, drink coffee and chat visits. Needless to say, mom had other ideas.

I have stressed in past postings the importance of correct paperwork concerning your loved one. But this is one piece of paperwork that I have neglected. I think the reason is because I don't want to face the mortality of my grandmother. So today mom and I sat down and wrote a rough draft of Granny's eulogy.

I honestly don't know how we got through it. I still have to rewrite it and get her final okay on it. I am sharing this because mom and I realize that after granny passes we will be in no condition to take care of this. We both felt it best to take care of it now so that when that time comes, we have prepared as much in advance as possible. I know this may sound morbid to some, but, we recognize that grief is going to overcome us. Mom and I do not want anything left undone.

If you have a loved one that is suffering with any illness this is an issue you will eventually have to face. Since mom and I are the closest to Granny we felt we could do this in such a way as to show granny's love and compassion without stirring up any bad emotions.

I would hope that some of you dealing with a similar situation would at least consider taking care of this now. Enough said.


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