Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am very thin. I mean VERY thin. I have had every test known to man run on me to make sure I have nothing physically wrong with me. I eat at all the wrong hours. I have been known to binge on battered, fried, dipped and swirled foods. Still no weight gain. I have done the whole Ensure, protein shake, etc. thing. Still no weight gain.

So, I have learned to live with this. The problem is that I have an extremely hard time finding clothes that fit properly. I am too tall for petites and to skinny for misses. I have been known to shop in the juniors section and even children's section.

But, I love thrift stores! Believe it or not, I can find clothes that actually fit. I have been able to find name brand clothes with price tags still on them for a fraction of the cost. I am talking Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne!

I prefer the Salvation Army stores over others. They are bigger and have better sales. All of their items are priced with a colored coded tag. Everyday a certain color is on sale. In my area on Wednesday, all clothing is 50% off!

Thrift stores also offer furniture, nick knacks, linens, books,etc. I have stumbled across many antiques items in thrift stores for a song!

I also like to go to consignment shops. You can find more upscale clothing in these shops. I have been able to purchase suits, shoes, handbags, and other accessories for a fraction of the retail cost. You can also take your clothing there and resell it. Usually, they will tell you about what you can resell it for. Some shops have a time limit on the price before they knock it down. Some consignment shops will only let you have it on consignment for a certain amount of time before it becomes the property of the shop or, you can pick your item up if it doesn't sell. Rules vary from shop to shop so be sure to ask questions before you leave your item.

If you are the type of person that enjoys the hunt as much as the sale, then thrift stores are the way to go.

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  1. rewinn said...
    You are so right - I don't like shopping, but I totally love the hunt!

    If I am really in a hurry, I'll go to a "normal" store but for most things - clothing, housewares, books - waiting a week or a month will make no difference. So why not hit the thrift stores until what I want appears?

    The money saved is definitely worth it too - and I love that I'm helping out a charity while keeping stuff out of landfills!

    One tiny suggestion is that thriftshopping is a "circle"; I try to bring something to donate, not every time, but when I can. It's easier for me to simplify my life if I'm not throwing something away, but sending it on to a new home!

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