Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bumps And Bruises

There have been some changes in my grandmother's care that are causing some concerns for mom and me.

An aide that had been fired over the summer has recently been rehired. This is the same aide that would leave my grandmother sitting in her own feces for long periods of time. I personally approached the Director of Nursing about this issue. Apparently, I wasn't the only one with this issue or other issues, since she was let go. Now that she is back, we have to be ever diligent in certain areas. I hope that she is a better aide now but I am apprehensive nevertheless.

The other issue is bruising. My grandmother has a bruise on her cheek. We are not sure how this has happened but we do not think she is being abused. There are many ways this could have happened and we are trying to rule out the obvious ones. We know she has not fallen, because the nursing home is very prompt in letting us know if Granny has fallen.

What is making me angry about this situation is the way the nurses on duty act about this and other things that have come up. They do not document any thing in her chart. When you go above their heads with an issue they always seem to either A) not be aware of it or B) claim to have noticed it but have not documented it in her chart. I just don't understand this at all. This facility has 4 wings. They have 2 nurses on duty at all times. There are more during the day and also during the week. So I would estimate that you have 1 nurse for every 20-25 patients. Then you have the CNAs. There are a minimum of 2 per wing. So how can you not notice a bruise on someone's face? How can you be so negligent as to not document it? When it is brought to your attention, how can you be so bold in defending your own wrongdoing?

I am getting tired of the "I will check into it" game. This is a stalling technique that just isn't going to work with me anymore. I don't want to get ignorant with these people because my grandmother lives there and I fear what will happen to her after I leave. I don't think anyone will hurt her but, I do think they will not take proper care of her needs.

My mom has been talking with the Director of the home but I don't know what is going to happen. I make short visits to check on Granny when I get off work in the early AM. I have not been making as many as I would like, so I will be doubling my efforts there. I hope this is enough to ensure my Granny is taken care of, but I just can't help but worry.

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  1. That corgi :) said...
    thanks for your kind wishes for our holiday season; I hope you and yours have a peaceful, joyful one too!

    I think I would (as much of a pain as it would be) write a letter every time something like this happened (bruise on your grandmother's face that they didn't report/document) etc and send it to the director of the home. Documentation like that might make them be more diligent as I'm thinking they wouldn't want you to report them to state officials.

    Now that my husband's parents are in assisted living, I can see it really takes a special person to work with the elderly/infirmed. That person has to be really dedicated and sincere in their care (I do believe). And if not, they shouldn't be working there, know what I mean? Hoping that aide they re-hired proves to be one that is going to be sincere.


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