Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Flood Vacay

Well I have been off work for almost a month due to flooding in my area. I would like to say that I got tons of stuff accomplished. But, I was not able to get near as much done as I would have liked. It is really hard when you have to depend on others for help with things. Between conflicting schedules and inconsistent weather, I feel fortunate to have accomplished anything at all!

I have some photos that I am sharing with all of you. Some of them were taken before the flooding and some were taken on Mother's Day this year. You can really see how the river took over Memphis for a while. We were very fortunate that the damage is not any worse. Some areas were really hit hard by all this water.

I do go back to work this Friday. While I do not agree with a lot things that this company has done to "better" my workplace, I am astonished at the manner in which they have treated their employees during this most difficult time. They have continued to pay us and keep our benefits active while we have been furloughed.

So here are some of the photos that we took. Hubs refuses to take a photo without me in it . Why I have do idea but that is his little idiosyncrasy.

Tom Lee Park Before:

Tom Lee Park after:

I have others but I seem to be experiencing a computer malfunction so I will have to put those up in another post.

Stay dry and have a great weekend!

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  1. Tracy said...
    Glad that you're ok and even more pleased to read about how decent your work has been through all of this

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