Friday, April 29, 2011

Old Man River

I am sure there are not that many people out there that are unaware of the devastating weather that hit the south these past few days.

Since Memphis is situated on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, this is of great concern to all of us that live near there. They are predicting that the river will crest somewhere around the 10th of May. All around us, rivers and creeks are filled to capacity. I cannot remember seeing flooding like this around here.

Since I work in a casino that is on the river, we have all been concerned about our jobs. The gaming commission has decided that all of the casinos in the area must be closed by 2p.m. on Monday. They are estimating that we will be closed for about 3-6 weeks. Fortunately for us, they are going to pay us. We do not know exactly how much as of yet, but I am just grateful it will be more than the 200 I would collect from unemployment.

I am also grateful for the short vacation! My son immediately said to me, "Now maybe you can get some rest mom." I am looking forward to having a few weekends off and helping some of my family with their yard work.

God has been so gracious to me to put other means of employment in my path and this extra money will truly be needed during this time.

Hopefully I can get some photos of all this for y'all to see in the not too distant future.

The only concern I have is when we go back to work. The last time they closed a casino due to flooding, there was a serious problem with Water Moccasins also known as Cottonmouth Snake, in the building and hiding in the slot machines. Hopefully, they will secure the buildings enough so that won't be a problem.

Please remember all of us in your prayers. So many have already lost their homes in the area and I fear more will lose theirs within the next few weeks.


  1. That corgi :) said...
    oh wow, that would be scary with the snakes inside the machines!! But that is "good" that you will have the paid break for those weeks! God is definitely providing for you all!! It has been such a devastating time these past few years with earthquakes and tornados and floods and whatnot. Makes us think if God is trying to get our attention.......

    do stay safe!

    Soylent Plaid said...
    I honestly don't foresee snakes inside the casino for two reasons.

    (1) There will be some people there - maintenance and security. A minimal staff, but people nonetheless.

    (2) Remember, when Harrah's had all those snakes in it (and there were a LOT - the people that cracked the padlock on the place described it like something out of the "Indiana Jones" films - The building had sat empty for 4 or 5 YEARS - that's a lot of time for varmints to take up residence. The 'Shoe won't be closed for anywhere near that length of time.
    Soylent Plaid said...
    Just to clarify - It turns out I am wrong about #1. NO ONE will be inside the building until it opens.
    Marianne said...
    Good luck with the cleanup efforts! Hope you, your friends, family, home and workplace all made it through unharmed!

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