Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Real Prez And His VP

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter who we vote for. We get the same two entities election after election. The party may change but, the ones in charge do not.

Big Corporations are "The Man". They pay a pittance in taxes and whine about that. They move their companies overseas and hire cheaper labor. They have a stranglehold on Congress with all the backroom deals that are made. There is no control in this area and it doesn't look as though there ever will be.

Second in command goes to the Lobbyists. While most lobbyists are former members of Congress, they have the interests of their clients at the forefront. While the lobbyist should be a noble profession, it has become just as corrupt as all other groups on the Hill.

I don't know if this will change and if it does, if it will be for the better. We need a serious over haul of our government and as much as it pains me to say it, I don't think it will happen. If it does occur by some twist of fate, I am not entirely sure that it will turn in favor of less government, more jobs, and an America that is truly free.

I am listing some interesting links below that I found concerning this. I hope that it helps you the reader to be better informed.

On Lobbyists:

This is an article I read concerning corporations FedEx in particular.

I tried to use the "insert link" button but it did not show the links on my preview page. Hope that doesn't discourage you from reading these articles.


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