Wednesday, December 28, 2011

President Obama has a plethora of information on the web and in numerous newspapers concerning his decisions over the past four years.

My personal views aside, he did use the first 2 to pass the buck to Bush. While it is true up to a point, that horse died at the barn long ago. These last 2 years he has been blaming every Republican for miles. At some point he will have to accept responsibility for his own actions or lack thereof.

I do not think his health care plan is a good plan for America. While I don't have the answers, I do think forcing anything through Congress that is obviously full of loopholes and exceptions for your cronies is not good for the masses. Considering that Medicare and Medicaid are some of the most corrupt programs in the government, this new healthcare is doomed from the get go.

As far as his faith goes, he does seem to have a better rapport with the Muslim community. I like most have read the articles concerning the Ramadan dinners and the like at the White House. When you take into account all his talk about being a "Christian" this does seem a little out of sorts. Also you have to consider the fact that he has not gone to church in the last 3 years and now all of a sudden he is attending.

His foreign policy still needs some work to say the least. The Libya thing was not a good move and showed arrogance that he has a hard time concealing. Yes he did get our troops out of Iraq. In an election year. But, if you talk to a few or even many of these same troops you know that they are not home for good. A lot of them are slated to go to Afghanistan in the not too distant future. And we all know what that country is like right now.

While he has not come right out and claimed to be a Socialist, he does have Socialist ties in Chicago. He also appointed some of those men to offices once he was elected. Unfortunately the media is too easily distracted to do any real research on this part of his life. They seem to be obsessed over a birth certificate that should have been settled before he ran the first time.

He has made domestic decisions that have hurt this country. We are ignorant,broke,and there seems to be no end in sight. His "put America back to work" plan which involved building roads and bridges was so strict that most states could not use the money. With the bank bailouts, car company bailouts,government bailouts,housing bailouts I need a bailout.

While President Obama is not my choice for the next president, neither is anyone else at the moment. Prince Mongo is looking better and better.


  1. That corgi :) said...
    Personally,I'd like to see him take the blame for something. He always seems to have someone else to blame for the things that are going wrong under his leadership. I didn't vote for him the first time and I doubt I will vote for him the second time around. I don't know if our country can take four more years of him "in charge" but you are right, the competition has slim pickings too. I think people really need to evaluate; are their lives better than they were four years ago when he promised "Yes we can??"

    In saying that, I do hope 2012 is a kind year for you and yours.

    Ernest @ Chicago Video Production said...
    I like obama and I don't have anything against him. I guess we have to give him a chance.

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