Thursday, January 22, 2009

My great-grandmother lived to be 94. She was sharp as a tack until the end. She used to carry her money around in her purse because she didn't have any faith in the bank. This seems to be a common thing for women that lived in her era. I'm talking 3-4 thousand dollars at a time. My grandmother used to take it from her and deposit it when she became too worried about it.

Yesterday when I went to visit my grandmother she is obsessing about money. She did this when she first came to live here. My mom took her to the bank and they moved all of her money here. I would have to drive her by the bank so she could see where her money was. She would put all of her checks in her purse if we went anywhere.

She tells me that she is only eating in the dining room because she has no money. "Where is my money? " I have to tell her that her money is safe and she doesn't need any money here.

When we get back to her room she wants me to look in her purse for her money. "I can't find my money." I don't know what brought all this on or how long it will last. Sometimes this "episodes" last a day or two and sometimes they go on for weeks. I am hoping that this will be one of those things that only lasts a day or two. If she really starts obsessing over this, she will think others are stealing from her and that will change her attitude towards others.

I just wish I could understand what triggers these types of things. There is no consistency in them. What upset her last week doesn't bother her this week. It can be very stressful and leave you feeling quite inadequate. If she continues to be upset over this it can escalate and spread to everything and everyone that is in contact with her. Maybe she will be over it today. I certainly hope so.


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