Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on my "Dares"

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Since I have not given an update on how I am doing with the Love Dare project, I thought today would be a good day for it.

I finally talked to hubs about day 5. He agreed to give me 3 things that either irritated or made him uncomfortable. But he just couldn't say "okay". He just had to add, "You aren't going to like it." Why do we do that to one another? Anyway, he has not given me the list yet so no update there.

Day 6 - We have had a disagreement or 2 since this started. It has been difficult at times for me not to get "all up in airs" about things. But I have been able to make my point without raising my voice or blood pressure. I must admit this is very difficult. Our spouses above all people know just which one of our buttons to push to get a reaction and it can be almost impossible not to respond as we always do. While I have not been perfect at this, I have made a tremendous effort to show more interest in his side than irritation.

Day 7 - Since I could not approach him with day 5, I have not done this as of yet. This is my goal starting today.

Day 8 - Since he started a new job, I have very enthusiastic with his successes at this new venture. I can honestly say it has made a difference. By showing my interest and support for his work, he shows more interest in mine.

Day 9 - Since we work opposite shifts, I rarely see him to greet him. I have become more affectionate in the hours that we are together. Since I am not by nature an openly affectionate person, this one has raised some eyebrows in my house:)

I have not made past day 9 yet. I know I am behind because I let myself get all hung up on day 5. I probably won't finish this in time for Valentine's Day but I am hopeful that I will be close.

I am interested in how the rest of you are doing with your dares. I would love to hear from you if you want to share!


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