Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You never think of adults stealing words from one another. I just read from Tara at If Mom Says OK, that her work has been plagiarized. I am still just flabbergasted over this. I never even entertained the idea of someone stealing my words.

Tara also listed some sites to help us all protect our sites. While my site is not viewed by that many, some of you have quite a lot of followers and probably even more lurkers. So I wanted to give you the sites so you can also be protected.

Since I am very ignorant on the ins and outs of exactly what "copyright" means, I went to dragonbeads and they have graciously put the copyright law in its original language,you know the one you need a PhD to understand and in regular English for the rest of us.

Tara also recommends that all of us on blogger read the DMCA and to Copyscape for additional info and tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

While I did not comment on Tara's site, I did want to use this opportunity to thank her for passing this information on to us. I also wanted to say this is the lowest of the low to steal another person's thoughts and to pass them off as your own.

Thanks again Tara for enabling all of us to avoid the lesson you had to learn the hard way!


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