Sunday, February 8, 2009

Granny Get Your Gun

I have not written about my grandmother in quite awhile. In this case, no news is definitely good news! She is doing really well lately. No more run ins with rude aides, she is eating well and her mind is as well as can be expected.

My mother and I talk quite often about just how blessed we really are. I see people everyday who are at least 20 years younger than my grandmother and are in much worse shape.

I went to see her this week and she was doing really well. She has lost about 4 pounds lately and I finally got them to puree all of her food. She does not like to wear her dentures as you all know, so this has really helped her eating habits.

I was very tired when I went to see her and she thought someone had made me mad or hurt my feelings. Since she doesn't remember my name, it always amazes me at how riled up she can get when she thinks I have been offended in some way. First she threatens to whip their a** to quote her. When I tell her that I am okay, she says "Well, I will go get my gun if I have too." I assured her that I was fine and she could put her gun away:)

My mom and I were discussing the fact that she doesn't know me but she knows me if you get my drift. I was always her favorite, and I think somewhere in her mind she knows this she just doesn't know my name anymore.

Gotta go to bed so I can get to work tomorrow.

For the record, she does not have a gun anymore!


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