Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Dare Updates pt 1

The last time I updated ya'll on my dares, I was on day 9. I am really behind on these posts! Time to catchup on all of them.

Day 10 - I don't usually up Doug's laundry. So I did that and cleaned up his area in the computer room.

Day 11 - This is not an easy one for me. I often feel that I am taken advantage of, so it was hard to do this with a smile on my face and in my heart. But I ran his errands for him. I even called him while I was out to see if I could do something for him. He was in shock! This is something that I am trying to keep up. Not just this day, but all of the days so far.

Day 12 - Do you men have any idea how hard this is without saying "Fine" in that tone we have?! I have not totally succeeded in doing this on a regular basis, but I am trying.

Day 13 - We covered this on day 5. So far, so good.

Day 14 - This was not that hard. Doug likes to watch a lot of tv so I started spending more time with him doing that. I don't sit in front of it for hours, but I have made a point to be with him in the evenings more in stead of reading or talking on the phone too much.

Day 15 - This is not easy. We tend to have different beliefs as to what honor and respect mean. What I decided to do was speak more kindly to him and really listen to his opinions on things that I normally tune out. Not so easy! When you stop and think about how much you just tune out, you are surprised at what you are not listening to. This is a habit I am really trying to break not only with him, but others also.

Day 16 - This is a normal thing for me to do so I have been okay with this. Can I tell a difference? Yes! Mainly in how I view my husband and the way I react or interact with him. By changing myself, we have become better together.

Since I am so behind in this, I didn't want a really long post so I am ding this in parts. So part 2 is coming up! Let me know how all of you are doing with this and if you can see a change in your relationships.


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