Sunday, March 1, 2009

Surprise Snow Storm

In my neck of the woods we don't usually get much snow. If we get any type of winter precipitation, it is usually ice and sleet. Saturday we got about 5 inches of real snow! I did not get photos and now I wish I had.

My mom went to see my grandmother Saturday and while she was there it started to snow. She was going to leave the drapes open so my grandmother could watch the snow and Granny insisted that she close them.

Sunday, when my mom went to see her, she said she was quite surprised by the snow. Granny told her, "Look what happened when I went to sleep!". So she still enjoyed seeing it even if she was a little startled by it.

My grandson wanted to have a snowball fight but he did not want you to hit him with any. Sounds a little one-sided don't you think?:)


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