Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before we move to the last 5 commandments, I wanted to review the first 5 and give a short wrap up of the meanings so we can understand them more clearly.

The first 5 are about our relationship with God. We have learned that the commandments are a tool that God uses to reveal His holiness to us and they are our road map to having a relationship with Him. They describe how we are to look at God and how we are to behave. This is not in great detail, but it does give us a guideline to follow.

Below I have listed what the first 5 are about so we can review and remember the purpose of them.

  1. The first commandment is about Loyalty. Our loyalty to God and to remember God is our deliverer and redeemer through His Son Jesus Christ.
  2. The second commandment is about Worship. This commandment goes to the heart of our relationship with God. We have learned that in order to properly worship Him, nothing can come before Him.
  3. The third commandment is about Reverence. We are to remember that God's name is holy and not to use it in any vain or disrespectful manner.
  4. The fourth commandment is about Sanctification and Relationship. The root word of sanctification is sanctify. Sanctify means to set apart for sacred use, to make holy or purify. By remembering the Sabbath, we are setting apart time for rest in Christ. We are rejuvenating our spirit as we use this time to rest in Him and draw closer to Him.
  5. The fifth commandment is about Respect to Parental Authority. This commandment teaches us that by honoring our parents, we are honoring God who is the creator of all. We learned some interesting points about this commandment and I hope we all have a clearer understanding of the meaning of this commandment.
This wraps up the first half of the 10 commandments. I have listed some of the websites below that I have visited while doing this series. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure if you desire a more in depth explanation of these commandments.

This is not by any means and exhaustive list of the sites I use on this subject. But these are the top 3.

Next week we start on the last 5 commandments. See you then!


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