Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fried Food Fest

In my constant quest to get my family to eat healthier, I have almost totally quit frying food. Being a "true" southerner, my motto has always been " If I don't know how to cook it, I can fry it". So, for me to not fry foods is a HUGE deal and goes against all my upbringing.

Hubs has been good about not complaining but I have seen the fast food bags laying around. So, tonight I thought I would cook some of his favs just for fun. I can hear my arteries screaming now. His absolute favorite meal is my fried chicken. I have to admit it is so good you will slap your momma and scream my name, but that is not what we are having tonight. I am going for the big bonus; pork. That's right ya'll fried pork chops with fried potatoes and for balance, salad. I am even going to make his favorite chocolate cake. Wonder if he will think I am up to something?

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  1. John said...
    Hahaha... I like that expression "... so good you will slap your momma and scream my name..."

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