Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Petered Out

Hubs is having yet more health issues. They seem to stem from one incident. I am hoping that he/we can resolve some of this so he feels better and in turn we are better together.

Several years ago, he had surgery to remove a cyst from his shoulder. Because of the size and location,he suffered permanent nerve damage. This has caused continued chronic pain. Some days it is so bad I have to help him get dressed. To help alleviate the pain, he uses the Duragesic Patch. This is a serious pain medication with many side effects. He decided to go this route after many, many other methods were used to no avail. When "D" has breakthrough pain, it can be bad. I hate those days. Even when he is getting on my last nerve, I hate to see him like that.

He has been having other symptoms that we just thought were part of the side effects of the patch. Fatigue, irritability, loss of sex drive,sweats, clammy skin you get the drift. The problem is that he will not go to the doctor about any of this until I start acting stupid about it.

He sees his pain Dr. every month but, not a regular M.D. Finally, after being unable to rid himself of this crud that has been going around, he goes. Since this is a new DR., he wants to be through. I don't have a problem with this since it has been so long since "D" had a real physical. Among other things that he is being tested for, they are testing his testosterone level. The last time he had this tested it was 80. The normal level for a man his age is 300-1200. Need I say more? I have been living with an 80 year old man in a 40 year old body.

There are some foods that will boost your levels naturally,but since his is so low right now he will have to have injections or possibly pills until his levels are higher. Here are some other foods that help build/boost testosterone.

I encourage the men who read me, to please get your levels tested. It is a simple blood test and could change your outlook. D's doctor told him this was the equivalent of going through menopause. I am hoping that we can resolve this so that I will get my 40 year old back. Since he is acting 80, I could trade him in on four 20 year olds:)


  1. Vodka Logic said...
    Very interesting and honest. It is an important post and I thank you for it.
    Inge' said...
    You are welcome! We talk so much about women's health that I think we forget men have issues also.

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