Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mixed Bag

So much has happened in the last week! I had a really hard time deciding on which 3 things I wanted to share with all of you. I almost added a few more but decided that 3 would be plenty.

I did not put anything in here about the State of the Union Address. I figure by now that has been beat to death. Some of my friends beat me to the Apple unveiling so I dropped that.

I think I managed to come up with a good mixture this week. Enjoy!

Roe v Wade I think the anniversary for this decision was the 22nd of January, but, it may be the 24th. Anyway, this is not your typical site. This is a quiz to see how much you really know about Roe v Wade. Abortion is such a controversial issue that I wanted to do a different take on it this time.

Campaign Finances. Since I am not as informed as I should be on this issue, I cannot comment with any other sites at this time. But, I do think that by allowing unions and corporations unlimited contribution privileges we are asking for trouble.

J.D.Salinger. I don't anyone over the age of 13 that does not recognize the name J.D.Salinger. He was admired by many. He guarded his work and reputation til the end. He was very "Howard Hughesish" in guarding his privacy. What I was not aware of is that the main character in "Catcher" was born in a previous novel. Makes me want to go back and read some more of his work.

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  1. Vodka Logic said...
    It is sad about JD Salinger. My daughters have read Catcher in the Rye and loved...

    Have a great weekend

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