Thursday, February 4, 2010

As if I have not had enough whippings lately, I decided to go for the one two heart punch today.

If you have not read Oswald Chambers, I am not sure you will know what I am talking about. My Utmost For His Highest is one of the most convicting daily devotionals I own. It is broken down into a devotion for the morning and another for the evening.

The temptation of Christ is one of those events that I read about and I learn something new each time. While the Bible only mentions a few things Christ was tempted with, we are told time and again that He knows what we are experiencing when dealing with temptation. I think we forget that Christ was in the desert for 40 days being tempted. I don't think I could have endured 40 minutes much less 40 days.

What OC brings to light is this: we tend to think of ourselves when dealing with our obedience to God. But, what about those we love? What price are they going to pay for our obedience? What will happen to your marriage if you refuse to that thing your spouse is trying to convince you to do? How will your children act when you put your foot down about an issue that is between you? What about your friends,coworkers,in laws, parents? How will they react when you stand up for the truth and speak the words you know God has been telling you to say?

I tend to over analyze situations. I can beat myself up for weeks over things. I try to imagine every scenario that could possibly happen. I never get it right. What I almost always forget to factor in is that God is also preparing the other person for my words/actions. Sometimes it is ugly and painful. But, sometimes it is sweet and beautiful and uplifting.

Either way, I know that Christ "has my back" and that the price we pay for another's obedience is never as high as the price they pay for being disobedient. My obedience can be the seed, the water, or the harvest. If I do nothing or take the easy way, then we are both still running on that same wheel and God will find another more willing and obedient servant to do what I refused.

I have decided to add some light reading to my daily dose of Oswald. So I am re-reading some Spurgeon just to spice it up a bit:)


  1. Expat From Hell said...
    Spurgeon to lighten up Chambers? Man, you are a glutton for punishment! I have been reading MUFHH daily for two years, and still can't get enough. But, light Christian reading? You're better off with Max Lucado. But, then again, you are spoiled now with the good stuff, aren't you? Thanks for posting this. Courageous, you are!
    Inge' said...
    I am glad someone caught that:) I just love Spurgeon. I own several of his books and I have yet to walk away from one without feeling totally worthless.

    Yes, I would say I am definitely spoiled now!
    Tracy said...
    You've got me deciding to read "My Utmost for His highest" again.

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