Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Moment of Clarity

My grandmother now has a photo of her mother taken with my sister and I when we were teens.

She is very excited to have this photo out where she can see it everyday. She has always had this photo, but, recently, mom put it in a frame for her. While she was looking at it yesterday, she asked about her son. Mom called him up so they could talk. She was actually able to carry on a conversation with him.

I don't think my uncle realizes what a huge thing this is, but, my mom most certainly did. My mother has been really blessed to be able to be around granny when she has these moments. They are so few and far between these days.

Overall she is doing well. Her incision is healing nicely from her last trip to the dermatologist. My sister has been spending more time with her also. I am hoping that she and mom can continue to mend their relationship by spending more time together with granny.

My project is starting to wind down so I will be able to pick back up the things that I have not been able to do for the past few months. One of the things is spending more time with granny. I do miss her terribly and hate that I have been so sporadic with my visits.

I have an old photo of my great-grandmother when she was younger that I am going to frame and take to her this week. It is one of the few photos I have of her. I think I got it from granny so I know she will be very excited to see it again after all this time. She has many photos of her family with her, but, since most do not have names written on the backs, she doesn't remember who they are. Mom and I have gone through them and tired to correct this, but there are so many!

It is a good idea to do this with your photos. You can buy pens at Wal Mart that do not harm the photos. I did not realize how important this would be until granny started asking me about her own photos.


  1. Expat From Hell said...
    Such a healthy and healing exercise, this is. For you to offer this to your dear family, and for us to read about it. Blessings to you. EFH
    Tracy said...
    I could see how these photos would both delight and be good for your granny. Good idea about writing down stuff on the photos so that later you'll know when and who exactly are in the photos.

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