Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Put Your Back Into It

My mom has been suffering with back pain for almost a year now. She is unable to anything for any amount of time. I do mean ANYTHING. No walking, sitting, laying, driving, cooking, etc.

She has had 3 epidural shots in as many months. This particular doctor told her that she would need surgery. Anyone that has had or knows anyone that has had back surgery knows that you almost always have to at least one more surgical procedure. You will still have a multitude of problems and pain after wards.

I finally talked her into going to a Spine Clinic and getting a second opinion. She had her first appointment yesterday. Mom left there feeling more encouraged and informed about her condition than she has in the past. I on the other hand, am even more worried.

They took xrays and compared them with some she had taken previously. Since she did not have her MRI images, they have scheduled another so they can compare the new images with the olds that I will be picking up next week. So, keep in mind they found all of this with the xrays only.

The Dr. says mom has Spina Bifida Occulta which I covered in a previous post. She also has Pars Defect,a slipped disc and a slipped bone? I am trying to find out more on that.

From what I have been able to learn so far, the main treatment is Physical Therapy. There is also pain management followed by surgery as a last resort.

I am really hoping that mom will not have to have surgery but, I fear she may. I don't know if she can handle lying on her back for weeks and doing absolutely nothing. The downside is that she may still have this pain along with limited mobility. This will be very discouraging for her and I am not sure she is fully prepared for that.


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