Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Birthday Bash

Granny had such a good time for her birthday! I took way too many photos as usual.

My friend Liz did a fabulous job on her cake. So much so that Granny though the flowers were real and kept trying to touch them.

There were many photos of Granny with all of her family and friends but I don't want to bore ya'll with all of them so here is the "5G" minus my daughter "B". I am also putting one up of my sister and her family. I have not seen all of them together like this in a long time.

She received many gifts. Mostly candy and snuff her two favorite gifts! But, my kitty was the one she wanted to hold. My sister also got her some beautiful fresh flowers which Granny loves to get.

I kept trying to get Granny to smile so I could take her picture but she just refused. I don't know why she always wants to give me the serious look but she does. The important thing is that she had a wonderful day and many were there to share it with her.


  1. Edwin said...
    nice one...happy belated bithday..though...nice cake its suits her apparel on that day!!!
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