Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Don't Want A Shot!

I have been very ill for the last week. I have not been sick in several years so naturally, I thought I would be immune to this bug also. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Have you ever noticed how everyone has an opinion as to what you should take or do when you are sick? I am not the best patient in the world so, when you start giving me your unasked for advice, I have to either cut the conversation short or bite your head completely off.

My take on shots is simple: I am grown and if I don't want a shot you aren't going to give me one. PERIOD. I don't care if it will make me feel better sooner. I don't care if it worked for you. I am old enough to make my own decisions and you are not going to talk me in to this regardless of your education level.

However, God does over rule my petulant attitude towards shots. He has decided that I need a shot and with a BIG needle. This is going to be a painful lesson I can already tell. I have avoided certain issues for far too long now. I just want it to be over with and as painless as possible. That is the coward in me. I didn't seem to have a problem exposing myself to all those germs without taking any precautions though did I?

As I lay here after taking the first dose of a 5 day zpac and doing other disgusting things to clear my head, I can't help but ask myself why I didn't take prevention sooner? What makes us think we can solve anything even the smallest of things without the guidance of God? I tell myself every time I get on this roller coaster that I won't do this again. And yet here I am. Maybe this time God will use the chainsaw instead of pruning shears and I can ride a different ride next time.


  1. Edwin said...
    i do know what you tried to explain...individual perception of when someone gets ill...we get lot of comments as if all are doctors around us and we are the only patients
    Winstrol said...
    I haven't been sick for years. Sometimes just a mild cold, but nothing serious thank god. Because I don't like medicines and drugs at all. And the needles are my night mare! Lucky me, I don't get sick :) Thanks for sharing and get better soon.

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