Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Evil Twin

I reread the story of Lot's wife the other day. Even though I know the story, some of the commentaries I read cast a new light on the whole scene for me.

I have always wondered why she looked back. She knew what would happen if she did yet she couldn't help herself. I seem to be the same way.

By looking back, she was longing for her past and what she was leaving behind. I also seem to be longing for the past and what could have been or what once was. This is a trap that we all fall into at one time or another. We all know we can't change the past, and yet, we still want to go there.

I personally think this is the enemy's way of getting us off the narrow path. Once we start dwelling on the past, then we lose sight of what is really important.

Now that I realize that I can do nothing without God, I continue to try and do it alone. Hence the present situation in my life.

Regardless of what happens next, I know that God is looking out for us and that I will get through it with Him at the helm. So, I have decided to lay off the salt.


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