Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Reluctant Recycler

My friend Small Footprints has a very interesting environmental blog. She throws the gauntlet back at us every Wednesday with a new weekly challenge. I don't always participate, but I do try.

As many of you know, I occasionally throw newspapers. I often write about my "treasures" that I have picked up along the way. Since I have 2 compost bins, it can be difficult to find enough "brown' material. What I have started doing is taking bags of leaves from homes that I deliver newspapers to.

I know this sounds weird, but you just have to know me to fully grasp the hilarity of me racing out of my car at 2-3am to put bags of leaves in the back. The good thing about this is that I am able to get leaves for my compost bins and my garden plus I can reuse some of the plastic yard bags. The bonus is these people are now recycling without any effort on their part.

I have been doing this for several years now. My mother used to laugh at me until she saw just how rich and black my dirt was last year. Now she also has a compost bin and I can't wait until the spring when we can spread her "new" dirt in her flower beds!


  1. Small Footprints said...
    Oh I love this! And ... I had to laugh because last year we roamed neighborhoods looking for bags of leaves. We used them throughout the winter to keep some of our plants warm and cozy and then, in the spring, we used them in our compost containers.

    Great that your mom is getting in on the act ... and love how you've "helped" your customers to recycle while they sleep.
    Kris said...
    Now I don't feel so bad about going through the trash and picking out items to put into the recycle bin. I feel like I'm among friends now. :)

    (found you via CTWW)

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