Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

I don't attend a local church. I work on Sundays but, I am off on Wednesdays so I could actually go on Wednesday night. I have a litany of reasons why I don't attend, but no one wants to hear all that.

My mom talked me in to attending church with her last Wednesday night. She attends the same church as my sister at the moment. Several years ago, their pastor died. He was a mighty prayer warrior and I truly miss him. Since that time, they have been hard pressed to find a new pastor. Over the course of this process, they have lost quite a few members. What is amazing to me is how they have reacted.

My children were saved in this church. When my son was trying to kill me with his life decisions, this church prayed for him. When my daughter was so sick and I could not find a doctor that could properly diagnose her, this church prayed over her. They have prayed for my family for years. My grandson is now attending this church with mom and he loves it.

Wednesday night there were less than 15 folks there. With today's mega churches on every street corner, this is a small church even when filled to capacity. But the people! They carry on just like the church is busting at the beams with people. They still do their Thanksgiving baskets, food pantry, clothes closet, etc. They still have their monthly business meetings and discuss ways to bring more people into the fold.

To walk into such a church and to see and to know that God is still working a mighty work there was truly uplifting. Prayers are needed for the smaller churches. They are becoming a dinosaur in the grand scheme of things. I can honestly say I am looking forward to returning there on Wednesday and being a part of something so special.

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