Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it Wednesday already? I heard on the news today that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away! Where did this year go? Since Wednesday is all about recycling over at Small Footprints, and , the challenge this week was my idea, I thought I better post.

I almost titled this "Redneck Recycling" but I changed my mind. A little too Mississippi for some I think. This week is a 3 part challenge. Take 1 item from your home/office and list all the different ways to reuse/recycle it. Or write about things many folks throw out but are recyclable. And, last but not least, investigate the recycling centers in your area and make an effort to try them out.

I thought I would start from the bottom and work my way up. I am very fortunate that my little town just started a recycling program. Instead of the little bins to place curbside, I have a dumpster as large as my regular trash dumpster. They take just about everything except Styrofoam and plastic bags. So, I am able to recycle quite a bit without leaving my home. However, I do recycle my aluminum cans and other metals at a metal recycling center. Since there are 3 different metal recycling centers close together, I can make the most of my trip.

As far as things that people throw away, just about all of your yard materials and organic materials from your kitchen can be composted. I think that many people don't realize that egg shells, shrimp tails, and even pet hair can be composted. I don't do the pet hair thing but it is an interesting fact.

Now for the item that I chose and all the ways to recycle/reuse it. I chose plastic bags because it seems as though I just cannot keep them out of my house no matter how hard I try. I recruited my mom in on this one and we came up with some unusual ways to reuse this item. So without further ado, here is the list.

1. You can cut them into strips and crochet them together for a very sturdy rug. Bread bags can also be used for this as can many other plastic bags. You can find a plethora of videos on You Tube to instruct you in the method.

2. These make great packing material for shipping. If you are like most, you have enough of these laying around to ship several packages.

3. For those that walk their pets in areas that require you to clean up after them, take a few bags with you and use these.

4. During the winter when I have to wear rubber boots to throw papers, I put a bag on each foot between my sock and the boot. This acts as insulation for my toes and I can save money by not buying those heat warmers. My mom has also put them on the outside of her shoes for protection while walking in the wet yard.

5. You can also use these at the grocer's to put loose produce in. This will keep you from using those other plastic bags and having even more of them at home.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, Wal Mart does accept them for recycling. Just ask the door greeter when you enter the store where their recycling barrel/box is located. Some local grocers also offer a recycling bin for you to put them in.

I hope that my little list has given you some new ideas and that you can reduce the amount of plastic bags in your home.


  1. rewinn said...
    One of the things I *love* about taking bags to the store for re-use is that most stores give you a token reward, like a nickel a bag.

    It'll never make me rich but, hey, I love a freebie!
    Small Footprints said...
    Gosh ... the "plastic" rugs remind me of my grandmother ... she made them. They were so sturdy and worked great near the door for wiping our feet.

    Thanks so much for suggesting this challenge and for meeting it so brilliantly!
    Kris said...
    I like the idea of using a plastic bag between your socks and shoe in the snow. I bet it keeps your feet from getting wet too.
    Anonymous said...
    In Brazil we have several "kite seasons" a year. The plastic that is unavoidable like bread bags gets cut into colourful strips and tied in thin line and becomes kite tails.

    Great blog, great ideas.

    Linking your blog on my Blogger's Cafe: in library 1 - Personal Blogs 2


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