Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Down To Business

Christmas was a solemn affair this year. I tried to stay upbeat and positive for the kids, but the underlying sadness was there for all of us. But, we were all able to get together and there were a lot of laughs and joy in the end.

We have had several options come our way regarding housing. Since the only way to afford anything is to go down to one vehicle, we are hoping to get moved before the banks takes the truck. This has been yet another tough decision for us but a necessity.

I told the kids to start coming over at least once a week to pick what they want from what I am no longer hanging onto. They have been acting like this is the last act of my life. They don't want to pick what they want. "B" says ask my brother if he wants it first, and vice versa. Too funny. I finally had to lay it out very plainly for them. Either you take it now or it goes to charity never to be seen again. That kind of got them motivated.

I still have not been able to really get to some things. The holidays have slowed me down a bit. I am hoping to be completely done with the "not keeping" no later than next week. Then I can start packing up what I am keeping but will not need in the immediate future.

I really dread the garage and "D"'s stuff. Hubs can be very difficult when it comes to parting with things. Even stuff he doesn't even remember having.

I too am guilty of hanging on to things. What I have come to realize through all this is that I am not only getting a physical cleansing but a spiritual one as well. I have come to realize just how much some of this stuff came between God and me. Not the actual stuff but, the way I felt about it. I think that is what is making this a little easier for me to handle. I know that when I am done with all this purging, I will have gotten rid of much in my life that is holding me back in many ways.

Housing is another issue right now. Hubs seems to have his heart set on one particular place. I have a really hard time saying no to him. I have been praying about this issue and God in His faithfulness has shown me much. I am learning that it is okay to say no and not create tension between us. Unfortunately, he and I have different ways of looking at things. While I try although not always successfully, to sift everything through The Word and prayer, he does not. But, I am confident that God will give me the needed guidance in this area.

I am glad that 2010 is almost over and I am looking forward to 2011. A fresh start is good for the soul. I hope you all have a safe and Happy New year and look forward to reading about all of you in the coming year.


  1. Tracy said...
    Found your line that your "hubs can be very difficult when it comes to parting with things" amusing; that is so how most of us are.

    There's a book by Richard Foster entitled "Simplicity" that I think you might appreciate. Our local library network has it since it's a rather old book.

    I'm believing with you for a surprisingly wonderful 2011!
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