Monday, January 24, 2011

Found: Realtor!

Since my previous post citing the problems we have been having finding a Realtor, God has been so good to provide one for us! I had totally forgotten about a guy that I used to work with that is now in the real estate business.

Once I was able to get in contact with him, he was eager to take on our house. He did tell me that he just sold a house using a program that is similar to ours and it took 11 months! I am not sure how long it will take to sell our house, but I am trying to get myself prepared to wait a while.

He did ask me if hubs and I had considered filing for bankruptcy to force the bank to remodify our loan. While we did discuss this, we decided that we just were not willing to go that route.

Hubs and I are hoping that this will be a fresh start for us and that we can finally get on the right track once and for all. I know that I am tired of dealing with all this stuff day after day. We do have some realistic goals set for ourselves and we are going to have to make plenty of sacrifices to reach them. But, they are not unattainable goals and in the end we will have paid our debt and that is going to be a very good feeling!

While we don't have mountains of debt, for us it is a lot. Especially when you factor in the fact that he was without steady work for 2 years. I think this is going to be a lot harder for him than for me. But, we are on the same page with all of this so hopefully, he will get with the program without too much fuss.

Now, on to Granny. She scratched herself up pretty bad in her sleep last week. Mom or I do her nails once a week. We have to cut them very short to keep her from doing just this thing. But, no matter how short we cut them, this does happen on occasion. At least there is no infection and she is healing fine. While I was there she started fussing about her bed. Apparently, they did not make it up to her satisfaction. So I remade the bed for her. She likes to make sure that the sheets are very straight and that they are not longer than her top cover. So she is taking her foot and using it to point out to me what I need to fix. Once I got it all straight, she wants me to hug her and she tells me how much she loves me and that I better not tell the others. How funny is that!

I must say that at least on the housing front, things are getting in order rather quickly. I am not sure that I am as ready for all of this as I claim to be, but, I am trying to remember that no matter when everything finally gets settled that I will be in a better place on many fronts.


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