Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Post

Today's post comes from Eric Stevenson. I am not sure if he has a blog you can follow since we have only spoken via email. However, he was gracious enough to leave some contact information if you would like to discuss some things with him. So, without further ado, here is today's post.

It seemed ridiculous. My dad must have been in his early forties when he changed his diet. I
stared at his meal choices with disgust, refusing to partake in his bland diet of fish, veggies, egg
whites and dry whole wheat toast. “Why are you doing this to yourself, Dad? You’re not even
old yet!”

But my dad paid no mind to our confusion. His doctor had said he was a couple points above
a healthy cholesterol level, and that was all he needed to hear. For him, preventing cholesterol
problems was way better than letting the problems get out of control.

Prevention is always better than suffering the consequences of poor health later on. Though
prevention for dementia may be difficult, being aware of warning signs for dementia and other
illnesses can lead to a better experience.

Because there is no known cause of dementia, prevention is difficult. But patients can fight
back, especially during early stages of the disease. Studies show that a natural nutritional
supplement, galantamine, may improve cognition and neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia
patients. It may also increase their independence, specifically in daily activities.

Mesothelioma symptoms are often too subtle to be identified as such. The lung cancer is
caused by asbestos and is latent for 20-50 years after exposure to the mineral. Because of the
latency, mesothelioma life expectancy is short. Avoiding asbestos in older buildings may lead to
the prevention of the deadly cancer.

High Cholesterol
High cholesterol usually has no signs and no symptoms. To be sure if you have a healthy
cholesterol level, visit a doctor and ask for a blood test to check those levels. As far as diet,
avoid saturated fats and carbohydrates in excess. These can raise cholesterol levels. Eating
fiber and maintain a healthy wait can lower cholesterol.

The best way to stay healthy is always to prevent illness, rather to recover. Being healthy is
often a greater miracle than being healed. Keep your mind and body sharp by keeping up with
these and other prevention tips.

By Eric Stevenson, a health and safety advocate, for questions about this article please feel free
to contact him at


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