Thursday, January 13, 2011

I hate paperwork. I especially hate doing any paperwork for any government organization. You have to do the same thing in triplicate. They will name the forms something different, but it is still the same form.

Hubs and I finally got all the forms filled out and all our stuff together for the short sale. The person in charge of our short sale did not tell us that we could not upload it to them. She waited to tell us that any Realtor assigned to our case would have to do this. We did not find this important part out until last week.

Hubs has talked with 3 different Realtors in a week to no avail. The problem is that since we are using a government program to sell the house, it could take quite a while to sell. Most Realtors do not want to go this route because it takes them a while to get their money. If we go with a traditional short sale, we are not qualified for the 3000 in moving expense money that we desperately need in order to move.

I have a couple of friends that are in real estate so I am trying to get in touch with them. Hopefully, one of them will have pity on us and take the house.

On a brighter note, hubs has finally decided that we do need to go ahead and downsize so we are ready to go when the house sells. This makes it a lot easier as I get things out of the house.

I have been looking at apartments in our area and the pickings are very slim. Since I spend a lot of time alone, and I have really strange hours, I need to feel safe. I am learning that feeling safe means paying more for less. But, we are still looking and I am confident that God will provide not only an affordable home for us but a safe one as well.

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  1. Tracy said...
    I also HATE paperwork; it can be so overwhelming and is never interesting. But alas, it is a part of life in this industrialized life in which we live.

    I continue to pray for you. Am encouraged to read that you husband is working with you to downsize. Appreciate your comment about: " I am learning that feeling safe means paying more for less."

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