Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My son has been angry most of his life. I don't think he remembers a time when he was not angry. Anger that is buried that deep not only becomes who you are but you reach a point when that is all you know. You can forget why you are angry, but, you never lose the anger.

I have been praying for my son for a very long time. This past week many prayers have been answered on his behalf. "J" finally faced the fact that this anger is destroying him from the inside out. He also realized just how long he has been angry and why.

This was accomplished solely through the work of God. I am so grateful to my Lord for the work He is doing in "J". I know that this is a process and will take quite a while, but I also know that he will get through this.

Forgiveness is the key. He is having an extremely hard time with this. It is very hard to forgive someone that has hurt you deeply. Especially when you were an innocent child and your entire life has been affected by this act. He is taking baby steps right now and is very vulnerable. I pray that he remains strong in his faith and what he knows to be true.

We spent hours talking and praying about this and how he should handle this. God has been so merciful and long suffering with my son. I know many people that are trying to deal with their own anger. Anger at family members,co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Their anger has manged to seep into every facet of their lives. They are bitter and miserable. The thing is they don't even realize this has happened. Some are justified but, most are not. Some, like my son, may be justified in being angry but have become sinful in their anger. I have been this person. I could become this person again. But, I know the long road I had to travel and what it has cost me. I am very unwilling to travel that road again.

I am thankful that my son has come to this point in his life. I pray that he will continue to make his way back to the "narrow path". He did tell me yesterday that he had the best day he has had in a long while. How great is that! To know that our Lord blessed this tortured young man with a good day and he was so happy to know that it can happen.....even to him.....even to you.


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