Monday, July 18, 2011

Trust And Obey

As if I am not reading enough books I have picked up "The Ten Commandments" by Thomas Watson. I love reading the Puritans. Those guys go straight for the jugular!

I have just started reading this so I am still going through the intro (55 pages thank you very much). Watson has some very interesting things to say about obedience. He asks some very thought provoking questions as well as providing answers that just leave you begging for forgiveness.

One of the questions he asks is "Why don't we obey God?". He only lists 2 reasons which really cut to the heart of the matter.

1) Lack of faith. The thought of heaven and hell seems so abstract to most that they just don't believe in either.

2) Lack of self-denial. To quote Watson, "If lusts cannot be denied, God cannot be obeyed."
When I think of lusts, I think of the "biggies". Adultery, idolatry, murder, etc. But, there are other lusts that can be just as dangerous. Things that we do everyday without even thinking about them. "White lies", envy, harsh words, wrong thoughts, the list goes on and on.

So, how do you deny those lusts? How can you get to the point that you have only Godly thoughts? How does your obedience get to the point that it is cheerful, devout, fervent extensive and sincere? That is a very tall list and one that I don't know that I can ever fully accomplish.

I hope that you will stay with me as I learn more about the Ten Commandments and how to live a life of obedience!

If you care to read along with me, you can read this for free at the below link.

The Ten Commandments


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