Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Dare Updates pt 2

Here is the rest of my updates.

Day 17 - I don't really tell Doug's secrets. I do vent if we have a disagreement not always to the right person. So I have been very careful about how I talk about him to others. I have made a point of talking only in good terms about him and only about things that show his love for me and the kids. This has really helped me to see him in a different way and softened my heart towards him.

Day 18 - Since I work nights, and have so much stuff to do on my days off, I don't cook that much. Everyone here is grown so we pretty much fend for ourselves. So any meal I cook is a special meal! I have made a serious effort to cook more since his hours have changed. He loves it!!

Day 19 - I consider this day a personal day between God and me. So I won't delve into it or ask you to reveal anything either.

Days 20 and 21 - See day 19

Day 22 - This is not easy if you have had serious problems in the past. Trust may be lost, love may have withered, any number of things could have happened. Doug and I have experienced just about every problem a marriage can go through. I can only speak for myself on this one. I just had to ask God to show me how to love him. God has been so merciful to me and shown me more about this area than I thought possible. I know that I am still married because of God and His many blessings and mercy towards me.

Day 23 - Most people think of the obvious on this one. Porn, unhealthy "friendships", stuff like that. For me, it is stuff I do everyday that I put before Doug. So instead of removing, I have had to re prioritize things.

I still have not caught up! I have not done anything past Day 23! It is really hard when you work different shifts with different days off. We are trying to get it together so I still might get to finish this and implement some new tools to help my marriage. I hope all of you are hanging in there and I look forward to hearing how you are doing!


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